Microwell provides comfort recovery for World Cup 2022 superstars


ное 18, 2022
Microwell provides comfort recovery for World Cup 2022 superstars | Blog - Microwell

One of the biggest sporting events in the world is finally here. The 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar going to be the 22nd FIFA World Cup and the first that is being played in the Middle East in history and also going to be the first-ever World Cup held during the winter months, scheduled from 20 November to 18 December 2022. The country is hosting the biggest men's national teams in the world like Brazil, Croatia, Spain, Germany, Nederland, and more. (see/download the whole match program here)

The opening match is going to be played in the second biggest stadium in Qatar which is Al Bayt stadium. (The stadium takes its name from ‘bayt al sha’ar’ – which were tents historically used by nomadic peoples in Qatar and the Gulf region) with a capacity of 60 000, situated in Al Khor City. Al Bayt Stadium will host nine matches during the FIFA World Cup, including the opening ceremony, five other group meetings, and three knockout matches.

We are proud to announce that Microwell products are installed inside Al Bayt’s FIFA World Cup 2022 stadium.

The stadium is designed to provide pre and post-match care for the players. For this purpose massive whirlpools and pools were constructed parallel for each team. We partnered together with our distributor in Qatar, Maven Trading. Our hard work was awarded. It was decided to apply Microwell pool dehumidifier technology (click and learn more about MICROWELL DRY 1200) to treat the excessive humidity. Microwell was selected for its compact design, substantial extraction rate and air flow while being decently quiet. The solution required Microwell to develop special air deflectors to allow proper air circulation within pool halls.

Players from at least 10 countries will have the opportunity to spot Microwell units, we are proud to name those where we actively export to: Croatia, Germany, Greece, Morocco, Netherlands, Spain and obviously Qatar.

Let’s enjoy this moment together!


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