Microwell introduces lifetime warranty.


май 09, 2023
Microwell introduces lifetime warranty. | Blog - Microwell

Microwell comes forward and makes a great leap in providing its customers and users of products made by Microwell wider warranty periods. Thanks to reliability of Microwell products, trust and confidence customers and users put into Microwell brand, the swimming pool range “DRY” receives never before seen guarantee commitments in the industry.

Lifetime warranty on condensing tray.

5 year warranty on compressor.

3 year general warranty.

This is applicable for all swimming pool DRY dehumidifiers: DRY300-400-500-800-1200WAVE, METAL, SILVER, DUCT, Through-the-wall; invoiced as of 15th May 2023.

Condensing tray is probably the most mysterious part of every dehumidifier. If the tray is working, intact and successfully draining water, the general user won’t even realize any tray is part of a machine. But, as soon as the tray breaks, the water starts leaking immediately throughout the whole device resulting mostly in water leaking on the wall. Microwell is the only manufacturer that produces condensing tray from copper. This is soldered and also coated. It is thus very durable yet flexible. Within 25 years there has not been a single condensing tray damage. That is why Microwell is confident to provide lifetime warranty for this part of your dryer.

Powder coating is carried out according to the technical conditions specified in the standard STN EN ISO 12944-6. Soldering is carried out according to the technical conditions specified in STN EN ISO 13585 and SNT EN ISO 9453.

Compressor is the heart of DRY pool dryer. Microwell only cooperates with highly known and established brands such as Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Sanyo, Daikin, LG and GMCC. Compressors are rigidly tested and equipped with numerous protections within each DRY. This includes heat protection, overload protection, time & pressure protection and other. Compressor capacitor shall be of S2 protection class (EN 60252-1) with aluminum body. Compressor shall be ultra quiet with no vibration. Compressor is separated from the other parts of the dehumidifier by its own metal compartment cover insulated against noise from the inside. Given decades of experience Microwell is confident in providing 5 year warranty period on compressors.

Finally, each user’s experience is protected under the umbrella of a general 3 year warranty on each single swimming pool DRY dehumidifier. You as end user or potential buyer of a Microwell dryer product, can sleep well since if anything warranty-related goes wrong with your device within 3 years of purchase, your dealer or distributor is obliged to solve the problem within warranty.


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