Advantages of Invisible Heat Pump


апр 19, 2023
Advantages of Invisible Heat Pump | Blog - Microwell

Invisible Heat Pump

Hot tubs and Jacuzzis are a luxurious addition to any home, providing a relaxing and therapeutic way to unwind after a long day. However, heating these pools can be a significant energy expense, leading to high electricity bills. That's where the invisible heat pump technology comes in. With the latest innovation, you can now heat your jacuzzi with a split heat pump that is fully integrated and invisible and thus achieve an average consumption of 2,7kWh per day.

The heating is thus achieved with air to air heat pump and not through built-in electrical heater. An air-to-air heat pump typically provides heat output at fifth (20%) or less cost compared to direct electrical heater.

One of the main advantages of using an invisible heat pump is that there is no additional noise, vibration, or visual disturbance since the split heat pump can be placed as far as 30 meters away from the jacuzzi. This makes it perfect for those who want to maintain the aesthetics of their backyard while still enjoying the benefits of a heated Jacuzzi. Essentially you have warm water, at 20% or less cost with unchaged comfort (i.e. no visual or noise disturbance).


Moreover, the intuitive control panel of the invisible heat pump allows full integration into the jacuzzi's control with RS-485, DRY contact, or WLAN. This means that you can easily control the temperature and other settings of your hot tub with ease. If you like, you can even control the temperature via your hot tubs control panel so there is no need for you to learn another system.

Another benefit of using an invisible heat pump is that the water unit can be fully integrated inside the jacuzzi, making it fully invisible and also protected against frost. This makes it perfect for areas that experience extreme weather conditions.

With an invisible heat pump, you can enjoy the benefits of a heated Jacuzzi without worrying about high electricity bills. The heat pump can efficiently heat the water in your Jacuzzi while reducing your energy consumption and costs. Additionally, the heat pump is environmentally friendly, using a refrigerant that has a low global warming potential and does not emit harmful greenhouse gases. Heat pump runs on electricity and does not burn fuel or gas. Electricity can be sourced by photovoltaic panels (FVE) thus creating fully independent heating.


In conclusion, the introduction of invisible heat pumps for Jacuzzis is a game-changer, providing a more efficient and sustainable way to heat hot tubs while also being easy to install and integrate. With this technology, you can enjoy the relaxation and therapeutic benefits of a heated Jacuzzi without any noise, vibration, or visual disturbance. So, why not upgrade your Jacuzzi with an invisible heat pump and take your relaxation to the next level!

Download here the leaflet.


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